Harry Maguire Arrested after a Fight in Mykonos, Greece

Well, apparently some co-national of Harry Maguire didn’t really agree with his style of playing, because Harry got into a fight with him while he was on his holiday in Mykonos, Greece.

Well, I expected Maguire to be in Mykonos, seeing how big his salary at Manchester United is, but getting into a fight? Not really expected.

Police in Mykonos handcuffed the captain of Manchester United, Harry Maguire, in the early hours of Friday .

He was taken by police outside a bar after a rough episode he allegedly had with another Englishman.

Citizens reportedly informed the police half an hour after midnight on Thursday that two groups of Englishmen were fighting outside a bar.

One was the friends of the famous footballer, which also included his teammates Marcus Rashford and Brandon Williams and Love Island star Chris Hughes. The other was a group of Englishmen who picked on the girls who accompanied the footballers. This was the reason for the fight, allegedly.

Update: Actually, I just found this and it seems Maguire was drunk and he ran from the police. It looks like he also attacked the police as well (or someone from his group). It also seems that one of them tried to bribe the police, as well.

When they [the police] arrived, however, Maguire and the other two started to run away, shouting and cursing . Aid was called and the footballer and his company were pursued and arrested .

At the time of the arrest, they again tried to escape by hitting the police, but were eventually stopped.

According to police, most likely the three men were under the influence of alcohol and in the department they shouted, tried to bribe them and were generally vindictive and aggressive .

Here’s the reaction from the club:

“The club is aware of an alleged incident involving Harry Maguire in Mykonos last night.

Contact has been made with Harry, and he is fully co-operating with the Greek authorities.

At this time we will be making no further comment.”

Translated from here and the second one from here