Ronaldo Nazario says Real Madrid Should Transfer Mbappé, not Neymar

Asked about a potential big deal by Real Madrid (even if he is involved with Real Valladolid) Ronaldo (the Brazilian, not the Portuguese) said that Mbappé is the obvious choice.

And he is right, probably, if Real wants to build something for the future and not just create a superstar team, as they did when Ronaldo was playing for them.

“Right now, it is not that one is better than another, but if Real Madrid had to make a big investment, they should do so thinking about the future,” he said during a webinar hosted by Santander.

“Neymar is 28 years old and Mbappe is 22. As an investment, it would be more logical to bring the younger [of the two],” said the Brazilian.

Source and more information: Marca